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Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit our website that is dedicated to 'A GATHERING OF MIGHT' events.


Amongst the pages here you should find everything you need to know about our Warhammer Fantasy Battle events. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.




A Gathering of Might events will be using the Warhammer : Age of Sigmar rules.

Our current thoughts on how to work this are as follows.


Following some game testing AGOM format will be as follows :


Each entrant will select their army Core Force from one of the army compendiums available on the Games Workshop website. This Core Force must contain a minnimum of 40 Wounds worth of models, contain 1 warscroll with the keyword "Hero" and 2 other warcrolls without the keywords"Hero", "Warmachine" or "Monster" after these 3 warscrolls any number of warscrolls may be added to your Core Force as long as a minimum of 40 wounds have benn taken. This force must always be deployed and will be considered the core force of your army.


You then have the option during deployment to deploy warscrolls from your Auxillery Cohort which consist of any other warscrolls from the same faction as your core force(keywords: order, death, chaos or destruction). No warscroll can be taken more than once or taken if it features in your core fore (even if it is in 2 army compendiums e.g. giants). The total number of wounds you can deploy may not exceed 100. 

You will qualify for sudden death victory condition only if your opponent deployed 1/3 more wounds than you not models. to determine % casualties compare starting wounds with wounds of casualties (models removed) instead of the number of models removed.


Organisations - if you wish to take an organisation out of the back of army compendiums this is permitted and is one of the only times warscrolls can be duplicated and only as part of the organisation.


Summoning units - unit can be summoned and can result in multiple copies of the same warscroll being present on the battlefield. Summoned units cannot take part in the hero phase in which they are summoned.


Scenarios - scenarios will be used during agom, see our information pack page for the first and any subsiquent released scenarios.


Although this proposed system is not rules as written we feel that this is a reasonable and simple way to adapt Age of Sigmar for tournament events while still incorporating the spirit of the rules. We are still testing this set up so please be patient with us as this may change depending on the results of play testing.


Thank you